Unique Gift for Women, Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Jewelry w/ 8 Color Felt Pads,Reusable Refill Pads Gift Idea for Birthday, Mother’s Day, Boss Day and Christmas (maple leaf)

Package Including:
1 x Bracelet
8 x Colored washable and reusable Pads
1 x Gift Box

2-3 drops of essential oil is enough for a whole day and the scent won’t be overwhelmed. But if you like strong fragrance, maybe 5-8 drops will be better. All up to you
We recommend that, one essential oil for one time, to avoid flavor smell mixing.
These pads are reusable and washable (with water).
If the band get wet, please dry it before use.

Note: The package not incl essential oil.
▶If there is any problem with the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Jewelry and any suggestions, hope you can contact us via amazon email. We will reply you in 12 hours.

Product Features

  • 💕 [Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet] This diffuser bracelet feature a locket to contain essential oils which diffuse naturally and scent your skin and clothes effortlessly throughout the day. They work in a dual fashion – to tie your outfit together and to unleash the therapeutic effects of the oil.
  • 💕 [Wear as perfume] It is an age-old practice that allows the wearer of the jewelry to have the benefits of their favorite essential oil on the go. It is easy to stay fragrant all day when wearing diffuser jewelry. Instead of whipping out a spritz all the time the jewelry just releases the fragrance without any prompting.
  • 💕 [Easy to Use and Clean] Twist (anticlockwise) off the top lid to put in felt pad and add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the pad, then cover the lid. You can enjoy the aroma of the oil now. Using mild soap and water to clean the locket and the pads respectively and air dry.
  • 💕 [GIFTS FOR YOU & OTHERS] This makes a wonderful gift for special occasions and events such as graduation, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding favors, Mother’s Day. You can gift it to your girlfriends, mom, grandma, colleagues, partners, neighbors, sorority sisters. It is practical and functional and allow you to enjoy all your essential oils and blends easily.
  • 💕 [Colored Pads] It contains 8pcs high quality washable and reusable cotton refill pads in different colors to match your clothes for various needs everyday. Also the pads allow you assign scents to each color so that you do not end up mixing scents on the pad.

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