Talking Trump Birthday Card – Wishes You A Happy Birthday in Donald Trump’s Real Voice – Surprise Someone with A Personal Birthday Greeting from The President of The United States – Includes Envelope

Give the Gift of Laughter with the Trump Talking Birthday Card—The Card that Nobody Throws Away! Here’s a problem you may be facing right now. It’s giving a boring birthday card to a friend or loved one that they’ll end up tossing in the trash.. What makes this even worse is the fact that when you send a boring card, both you and the card will quickly be forgotten ! Wouldn’t you rather be remembered forever because of the hilarious birthday card you gave them? A card that will make the person laugh out loud on their birthday? Well now you can! Give them a Trump Talking Birthday card on their special day and watch them bust out laughing. This is the one card that they’ll never throw away. This high-tech audio card features Donald Trump’s real voice saying: “I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I would never say in your case that you’re fired, so I’ll just say, you’re fired!” The card starts playing Trump’s voice the moment it is opened. It includes an envelope for quick and easy mailing. So, if you’re a Person looking for a hilarious birthday card that will be treasured forever, the “Trump Talking Birthday Card” is the answer you’ve been looking for! Order now and in just a few short days you can make someone’s birthday great again!

Product Features

  • WATCH VIDEO BELOW TO SEE & HEAR THIS FANTASTIC CARD! Scroll down to “Related Video Shorts” and watch “Trump Birthday Card” Yes, it’s really President Donald Trump’s voice wishing you a Happy Birthday! One of the best holiday gifts to create laughter and fun for friends & relatives.
  • VOICE ACTIVATES WHEN CARD IS OPENED! Create big laughs when someone opens this funny birthday card and suddenly hears a recorded bday message of Donald Trump’s booming voice saying: “I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I would never say in your case that you’re fired, so I’ll just say, you’re hired!
  • MAKE SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY GREAT AGAIN! Whether you’re a patriot or a prankster (or a patriotic prankster), this is the greatest birthday card you can give somebody. This novelty talking card is a funny gift for both Republicans and Democrats. And even though it’s a great gag or prank, the elegance and extra durability of this high-quality, glossy finish card is sure to impress colleagues and acquaintances.
  • NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION IN THE CREATION OF THIS CARD – Rest assured that Russia had nothing to do with the making of these greeting cards. Funny ideas like these only come from the good ol’ USA. Plenty of blank space inside the card for you to add your own words or write custom messages and season’s greetings.
  • INCLUDES A “NO LEAKS” MAILING ENVELOPE – Shhh! We won’t leak to anybody that you’re sending this card. The included envelope ensures you can easily sign, seal and deliver the Trump Talking Birthday Card to a friend or family member. And nobody will ever know. You’re welcome.

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Decade Necklace with Gift Box for Woman – Perfect Birthday or Anniversary Gift for Mom, Wife, or Special Someone – Choose Between 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Sterling Silver Rings for Each Decade Celebration

An elegant, thoughtful yet simple necklace with ring pendants each to represent a decade of the person’s life whom you are gifting. This listing is for a sterling silver necklace with sterling silver rings (each circle measures 5mm in width) will come with it’s corresponding message card and a craft (brown) box.

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LUFFY Heart Marimo- Exquisite Heart-shape, Symbolizing True Love : Rare & Everlasting LUFFY Heart Marimo: Unique Gift for someone special: Will Thrive With Minimal Care

Thinking about a unique gift for your loved ones can be an arduous task sometimes. If you think that finding that special gift for special ones is hard, not anymore! Because Luffy brings to you a very rare and special heart-shaped plant – Luffy Heart Marimo. Luffy Heart Marimo is a rare and pretty live plant native to Japan and often regarded as a lucky charm that brings good luck and prosperity. As per a Japanese folklore, the marimo is popularly known as love plant and people gift it to the ones they love. Giving

1 Heart Marimo – “You’re someone special.”
2 Heart Marimos – “We’re a perfect pair.”
3 Heart Marimos – “I love you.”
6 Heart Marimos – “I’m yours.”
9 Heart Marimos – “My love is forever.”
12 Heart Marimos – “You’re my everything.”
21 Heart Marimos – “Our love will withstand the test of time.”
99 Heart Marimos – “Will you marry me?”

This adorable heart-shaped marimo moss ball floats when put inside a water jar. For gifting purposes, you can place it in a small heart-shaped jar and show how much you care. This live plant won’t perish and is known to live for about a century altogether with proper care and love. You can even make this as your heirloom accessory. Personalize your office space or home with this beauty.

The Luffy Heart Marimo live plant symbolizes love and a zestful life. Present it to your mother, father, sister, brother or your spouse and spread happiness around. Just like the human heart, the Luffy’s heart-shaped marimo too beats. What beautiful way could it be than presenting someone special with a beating heart? It’s a perfect gift for any occasion, be it a birthday or a get well soon gift.

When placed in a jar on the bedside table, or a cozy corner in your house, you can see it nurture in front of your eyes, just like your love. Since it grows just 5 millimeters per year, you can pass it as a family heirloom too, from one generation to another.

Product Features

  • ADD CHARM TO YOUR PERSONAL SPACE WITH A RARE LIVE PLANT THAT BRINGS GOOD LUCK — Marimos are one-of-a-kind live plants native to Japan and are also known as love plants. They are said to bring good luck and prosperity and people often gift it to the ones they love. Luffy Heart Marimo is a highly rare form of marimo plant. Only 1 out of 1000 marimos is a heart shaped marimo.
  • THE ETERNAL PRESENT THAT CAN BE PASSED DOWN TO GENERATIONS AS A FAMILY HEIRLOOM — The Luffy heart marimo is indestructible because it grows only 5 millimeters per year. With proper care, it can survive even 100 years. This one and only heart marimo souvenir can be passed down to the generations making it an eternal present full of mystery and love.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY LIVE PLANT THAT MAKES A RARE & MEANINGFUL GIFT — Are you searching a gift for someone who has everything? This is the thing for you. Just like the human heart, the Luffy’s heart-shaped marimo too beats. What beautiful way could it be than presenting someone special with a beating heart? Celebrate the special occasions with your grandparents, parents, siblings, teachers, friends or that special someone, by gifting this beating heart shaped marimo to them.
  • PERFECT FIRST PLANT PET— Luffy Heart Marimo is the perfect first plant pet for kids. With minimal care requirements and simply beautiful look, it provides a wonderful learning opportunity for kids. Many Kindergartens use marimos as plant pets for their students.
  • RARE NATURAL HEART-SHAPED LIVE PLANT WITH GUARANTEE — We guarantee to deliver you the original and natural heart-shaped live plant. You won’t find a heart-shaped marimo anywhere else. We assure you have something that is a complete value for money. And in case you are not satisfied with it for some reason, write to us and we will solve the issue immediately.

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