Talking Trump Birthday Card – Wishes You A Happy Birthday in Donald Trump’s Real Voice – Surprise Someone with A Personal Birthday Greeting from The President of The United States – Includes Envelope

Give the Gift of Laughter with the Trump Talking Birthday Card—The Card that Nobody Throws Away! Here’s a problem you may be facing right now. It’s giving a boring birthday card to a friend or loved one that they’ll end up tossing in the trash.. What makes this even worse is the fact that when you send a boring card, both you and the card will quickly be forgotten ! Wouldn’t you rather be remembered forever because of the hilarious birthday card you gave them? A card that will make the person laugh out loud on their birthday? Well now you can! Give them a Trump Talking Birthday card on their special day and watch them bust out laughing. This is the one card that they’ll never throw away. This high-tech audio card features Donald Trump’s real voice saying: “I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I would never say in your case that you’re fired, so I’ll just say, you’re fired!” The card starts playing Trump’s voice the moment it is opened. It includes an envelope for quick and easy mailing. So, if you’re a Person looking for a hilarious birthday card that will be treasured forever, the “Trump Talking Birthday Card” is the answer you’ve been looking for! Order now and in just a few short days you can make someone’s birthday great again!

Product Features

  • WATCH VIDEO BELOW TO SEE & HEAR THIS FANTASTIC CARD! Scroll down to “Related Video Shorts” and watch “Trump Birthday Card” Yes, it’s really President Donald Trump’s voice wishing you a Happy Birthday! One of the best holiday gifts to create laughter and fun for friends & relatives.
  • VOICE ACTIVATES WHEN CARD IS OPENED! Create big laughs when someone opens this funny birthday card and suddenly hears a recorded bday message of Donald Trump’s booming voice saying: “I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I would never say in your case that you’re fired, so I’ll just say, you’re hired!
  • MAKE SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY GREAT AGAIN! Whether you’re a patriot or a prankster (or a patriotic prankster), this is the greatest birthday card you can give somebody. This novelty talking card is a funny gift for both Republicans and Democrats. And even though it’s a great gag or prank, the elegance and extra durability of this high-quality, glossy finish card is sure to impress colleagues and acquaintances.
  • NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION IN THE CREATION OF THIS CARD – Rest assured that Russia had nothing to do with the making of these greeting cards. Funny ideas like these only come from the good ol’ USA. Plenty of blank space inside the card for you to add your own words or write custom messages and season’s greetings.
  • INCLUDES A “NO LEAKS” MAILING ENVELOPE – Shhh! We won’t leak to anybody that you’re sending this card. The included envelope ensures you can easily sign, seal and deliver the Trump Talking Birthday Card to a friend or family member. And nobody will ever know. You’re welcome.

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Preserved Flower Eternal Real Rose in Crystal Acrylic Ring Box, Unique Gift for Women, Girl, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Wedding (Ocean Heart)

First of all, I’m preserved REAL rose, NOT fake, plastic or silk.
Second of all, I know my 1.8*1.8*1.8″ crystal acrylic ring box is quite attractive, but pay attention to the size before falling in helpless love with me.
All in all, if you are looking for a portable and delicate special surprise for someone, I might be the one.
If you want to know more, please pay attention to the following information.


1. I’m a real rose, but “preserved”, so no need for watering or bathing in sunlight

2. I’m sensitive to strong winded, dusty or high moisture environment, makes me less good looking.

3. I know I’m adorable, but try to touch me gently, and please no squeezing, pulling, impacting or eating out of love jealousies, love each other equally.

4. It may have some odors when open my window, but don’t worry, it’s the residue of the meditating process when I get bored during transportation, it will dissipate soon.

5. If I’m dirty, using soft dry brush to brush it away gently or a hair dryer with cool soft breeze to blow it away at 20 centimeter for my sake.


Q: How long is your shelf life?
A: Well, under the normal condition, I can be preserved for 3-5 years, but if under the damp or exposure environment, my life may shorten to 1-3 years.

Q: Can I put a ring or something else on you?
A: Technically, yes, but the room can get crowded and may damage the petals, you need to figure out a way to put in or out easily and not effect the beauty at the same time.

Product Features

  • 【Long lifespan】Preserved flower is made of natural fresh cut rose, it can last for 3-5 years, it it the symbol of your eternal love, your everlasting friendship, your long lasting happy life.
  • 【Perfect gift】This is a perfect gift for families, love ones and friends, it can provide much more of happiness and love under almost all of occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, wedding, proposal, Christmas, party, birthday, Thanksgiving Day and anniversary.
  • 【Delicate box】The flower is blossoming in a 1.8*1.8*1.8″ crystal acrylic gift box, giving this rose more transparent and exquisite feeling. The box is a ring shape box, gives more romantic atmosphere, and make love one more charming.
  • 【Natural & fragile】This is high quality handmade rose, so no toxic ingredient, no risk of pollen allergy, no stinky smell. Just remember avoid liquid form, direct sunlight, high moisture temperature and odorous stuff.
  • 【Decent warranty】We provide you 30-day money back and 180-day warranty policies, if anything troubled you or dissatisfied about the product, please contact us without hesitation, we’d happy to help you solve the problem.

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EINID Handmade Preserved Real Rose Flowers,Eternity Rose,Best as Birthday Present,Anniversary or Dating Gifts for Her,Valentine Gifts for Women (Gold&Red)

If you are looking for a special gift for your wife, girl friend, mom, grandma or any loved ones ,you must get this for them. How many people have a rose that can live forever. Buy it now , everyday is more precious than the day before .

Never wilts rose is a symbol of eternal true love ,truly heartfelt appreciation and caring and can be as a constant reminder of your love .

Feature :

✿Undying rose is handmade by natural fresh rose flowers.Produce procedure: Pick, dehydrate, decolorize, dry, dye.It can stay for 3 to 5 years without withering if it’s saved properly.

✿Preserved fresh flower is for indoor decoration, please don’t put it outside or in the sunshine. And no need any watering.

✿As roses grow naturally, the size and shape of each is different.Every one is the unique . Kindly be well noted!

Red rose – Beauty, passion, love and emotional warmth

Rainbow rose -Romantic, fantastic, happy, gorgeous and noble

How to maintain(NOTICE):

✔Preserved rose will absorb water and become humid in over-humid area and season, and it will get mildewed, ventilate and shine it to recover;

✔Rose gets dry in dry weather like fall and winter, but will recovers when the weather becomes relatively humid. Please do NOT put it near air conditioner or vent;

✔If covered with dust, use blower (cold light wind) to blow the dust at the distance of 8 inches, please do NOT wash it with water or any other detergent;

✔If your clothing gets tainted from flowers, just wash it with soap. 


1×Immortal rose flowers in a rose metal box

1×Gift box

ENJOY OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: When you buy the preserved rose product in our shop, if you are not satisfied by any reason,contact us within 30 days for full refund, click Buy Now and Add to Cart!

Product Features

  • ★Real rose flower made – Preserved Forever Rose is made of 100% real fresh rose through high techniqueand unique preservation method .It retains the color, shape and feel of natural rose but can last much longer time and have much more useage .
  • ★Unique rose shaped metal box holder – Unique rose shaped pewter holder and the retro design outer gift box make it a beautiful luxurious present, also could be used as ring box or jewelry box. It’s not just the flower that’s beautiful but the case itself is a work of art.
  • ★Perfect gifts for Whom You Loved – It’s the unique love gifts or keepsake for her ,women,lady,mum,aunt,grandmother,sister,wife,daughter,girls,girlfriend,fiancee,friends, etc. Best gift choice to be as Wedding present, Anniversary gifts,Mothers day gifts,graduation gifts,romantic valentine gift, Christmas gift,Thanksgiving gift,birthday present, party gift,engagement gift or any other special occasion.
  • ★Great home or office decoration- Got it and have it to decorate your living room, bedroom, study, office, you can feel love and relax anywhere and every moment .
  • ★Totally free of harmful ,toxic petrochemicals and eco-friendly- The eternal rose flowers can be lasting 3 – 5 years without withering if it’s saved properly.Great alternative to regular flowers to those who suffer with allergies.Preserved rose as a gift or keepsake widely used in daily life or kind of occasion. It is a first-choice gift for lovers ,relatives, friends to express love, emotion, regards or best wishes .

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