Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women

#1 Amazon New Release! ─ Positive Affirmations for a Badass

Fans of Rachel Hollis and Girl, Wash Your Face will love Becca Anderson’s Badass Affirmations

Even a badass needs daily affirmations: We all need reminders. You don’t leap out of bed knowing you are amazing and about to have an incredible day. All of us have a lot of demands, pressures, to-do’s and responsibilities. We find ourselves rushing around, working hard to please others. Often we find ourselves at the back of our own bus, having made everyone else happy but our own damn self. Then you go and beat yourself up about it. Let’s stop that, shall we?

The incredible art of self-affirmation: Positive living and affirmation queen Becca Anderson reminds you that you are pretty darn great. I had to learn to remind myself, but you know what? It feels pretty darn good. It is even kind of addictive in the best way. There are reasons we need esteem boosters. We pick up scars and get bumps and bruises in daily life. If you had a bad childhood, you have old “tapes” from poor parenting looping through your unconscious brain. “You’ll never amount to anything. You’re not good at sports. Your sister has a better singing voice than you, so we’re sending her to music camp and you can stay behind and babysit.” Even nice moms and dads perpetrate these parenting errors that leave marks on our souls. But, we can overcome with the right mix of badass affirmations. Every day and in every way, you can learn the art of self-affirmation.

Self-affirmation adjustment: If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and drained by life’s busyness and demands, stop in your tracks and do an attitude adjustment, or more specifically a “gratitude adjustment.” You have need for some “me TLC” and a dose of radical self-affirmation.

In Badass Affirmations you will:

• Learn the habit of affirming yourself daily
• Experience a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment and satisfaction
• Take control of your destiny
• Strengthen your self-esteem

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great book, terrible proofreading before print Love the book and concept…however, nothing turns me off faster than reading away and hitting a roadblock that catches my eye and brain such as a grammatical error or punctuation where it shouldn’t be…it interferes with my flow of reading and learning…just a few pages in…I had to stop twice and re read what I read to find it isn’t me, but mistakes in the (publishing ?).If you want to write a book to affect powerful people, be powerful yourself in making sure there are no…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not what I expected from description Grammatical issues aside I was hoping for a little more insight and in formation about affirmations. (they were very short and simplistic) The emphasis seems to be on woman’s rights more than on affirmations and manifesting. Yes, strong woman and their accomplishments are inspiring but this doesn’t seem to relate to the average woman enough for my taste. I am all for activism but maybe a book on affirmations is not an appropriate platform. There are some great quotes and inspiring stories – if…

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